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Services Available:

1. Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is the “bread and butter” of payment processing, essentially accepting credit cards from your customers as a form of payment.

You can accept credit cards using various mechanisms:

2. Gift Card Processing

Having a gift card program is a great idea for businesses to pursue. Not only do you obtain your money immediately, but customers tend to spend more than the gift card's value as well. Finally, the money left over on gift cards is basically "found money."

First Bancard LLC has teamed up with Valutec.

Although you may ultimately choose a "Custom Card" solution, if you want to see how a "Standard Card" solution may look, you can use Valutec's new “Preview It” service:

3. Cash Advance Program

When business owners are in need of capital, an advance program may be in their best interests. Because an "advance" is not a loan, it is not reported as a credit lien (a UCC-1 lien) to the credit agencies, so it does not show up on a personal credit report. Additionally, with Rapid Advance, you do not sign a personal guarantee for the loan. It is strictly done through the business.

Let's say you need $50,000 in capital. Rapid Advance will advance you this sum, and if tomorrow you batched out $1,000 in credit card processing sales, Rapid Advance would debit your bank account $250 from these sales. So the $50,000 advance is money you receive against your estimated future credit card sales.

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